Our Coffee

Our beans are hand picked from an organic distributor in Calgary, Alberta.

Amaretto Almond

This coffee tastes like smooth Amaretto liqueur with freshness of almonds.

Banana Cream

Banana Cream is a superbly rich and creamy blend of Banana that brings an old-fashioned flavour home.

Bavarian Dutch Chocolate

This chocolate flavoured coffee is richly flavoured with traditional chocolate flavours. Richly dark and creamy.

Blackberry Brandy

The essence of vine ripened blackberries makes this coffee wonderfully sweet and flavourful.

Butter Rum

Butter Rum has sweet and spicy butterscotch flavours blended to make a beautifully balanced, aromatic coffee.

Butter Pecan

Reminiscent of a Southern treat…rich, creamy praline wraps itself around the nutty taste and aroma of Southern pecans.